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5 Reasons Why We Are Different, and Why That’s Good for You

  1. We are "Good Natured"

    We genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. Not all days are easy, but we really do enjoy the people we work with and taking care of the customers we work for. Our customers are an integral part of what makes our jobs exciting.

  2. We Aren’t Going Anywhere

    Summers & Zim’s has been serving Chester County and Lancaster County since the 1930’s - that’s four generations! We were there for your grandparents when they needed us and plan to serve your grandchildren as well.

  3. We Are the Right Size

    Summers & Zim’s is small enough that we can get to know you by name. Our office is small and compact so everyone working here eventually gets to know our customers on a personal level.

    Yet, we are large enough to meet your needs. With 25 technicians on staff and a warehouse stocked with parts, in most cases we can fix just about anything the same day.

  4. We Are Safe

    Each and every Summers & Zim’s employee is tediously drug tested and background checked. Our technicians are people we trust with our families in our very own homes.

  5. We Are Normal People

    Sometimes, we make mistakes. And when we do, we own up to them. We have a list of satisfaction guarantees on the back of every service ticket. Our reputation matters way more to us than our revenue. When we mess up, we genuinely want to make things right.

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A Summers & Zim's technician diagnoses leaky ductwork.

Seal your leaky ducts from the inside to make your heating and air conditioning systems more efficient.

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  • A 25% discount on any service during your membership
  • Top of the list scheduling for heating, cooling and plumbing service
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Our technicians can work on literally any type of system, and we sell just about anything you need for your home or business.

Here are just a few of the major brands that we carry:

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