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I wanted to thank you for the efforts of your service techs. I truly believe that they maintain my furnace as well as they do their own. It's great to know that some people still take pride in their work. –M.H., West Chester, PA

Your Heating and Duct Work Experts

When it's 20 degrees outside you don't want to be freezing inside. At Summers & Zim's we've got you covered. Our certified technicians are ready to repair your heating emergency with on-time, honest, dependable service. We keep more than 10,000 parts in stock so we can do your repair right away! We also clean dirty duct work to keep your equipment running efficiently. And you can feel safe with our .

Our technicians are here to help with these services and more:

  • Immediate service for heating system breakdowns
  • We service all types of systems - oil, gas, electric and heat pump
  • Repair and parts replacement
  • Sales and installs of eco-friendly & efficient heating systems
  • Clean dirty air ducts

With over 80 years of heating system experience and service, we enjoy helping customers in Chester County and Lancaster County, PA and northern Maryland. We guarantee to do the job right. Just call us and we're there.

Heating Tips to be an Energy-Savvy Consumer

How New Water Heater Regulations Affect You

Water heaters are changing and we want to make sure you know!

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Your Maintenance Visit: Checking the Heat Pump

This is the first in a series of four posts where we will talk about what our good natured technicians look for when testing your home systems. First up is the heat pump.

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Which Heating Systems Have the Highest Fuel Costs?

With snow in tomorrow’s forecast it seems like this winter just won’t end. When you look at your heating bills you realize just how expensive this long winter has been. If it has you thinking about replacing your existing heating system before next winter, here are the average energy costs of the four most common heating fuels based on usage in the northeastern part U.S.

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Get Ducts Cleaned before Spring Pollen Season

Did you know that just .04 of an inch of dust on your heating coil can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system by 21%? And, if that amount of dust builds up on your fan the loss of efficiency is almost 50%. Heating systems have been working harder than ever this past winter, which makes it even more important to get them checked and have new, clean filters put in now.

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Safety Tips for Propane Tanks During Heavy Snow

If you have a propane tank, be sure you don’t damage it when clearing heavy snow. Do not push snow off the roof onto the propane tank. The weight of the snow can damage the pipes and fittings, causing gas leaks.

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  • Pre-scheduled, proactive maintenance at your convenience
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