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There is nobody I trust and count on more for my plumbing problems than SZ. Good stand up guys who always do a great job. –K.A., Christiana, PA. 08/11/2014

Your Plumbing Experts

A plumbing emergency or water issues can really dampen your spirits. At Summers & Zim's, we've got you covered. Our qualified plumbers are ready to repair any plumbing and water emergency with on-time, honest, dependable service you deserve. And you can feel safe and secure with our .

Our plumbers are here to help with these services and more:

  • Water leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Toilet problems
  • Water heaters and tankless water heaters
  • Reverse osmosis water systems
  • Installing something you bought at the hardware store

With over 80 years of plumbing experience and service we enjoy helping customers in Chester County and Lancaster County, PA and northern Maryland. We guarantee we can do the job right. Just call us and we're there.

Plumbing Tips to be an Energy-Savvy Consumer

Reset Your Water Heater Temperature for Summer

When it's hot outside you'll notice that even when you turn on the cold water, the water coming out isn't all that cold. That's because as outside temperatures heat up so does the temperature of the water in your pipes.

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Your Summer Vacation Checklist

Next weekend is Memorial Day and the start of the summer vacation season. If you're going away for a long weekend, or in planning any vacation this summer, be sure the plumbing and AC in your home is prepared for your vacation too.

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How to Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Condition

It was a wet winter, and so far it's been a wet spring. To be sure your basement stays dry this spring, be sure your sump pump is in good working condition.

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Be Sure Your Plumbing Has Made it Through Winter

After a long, cold winter its good to do a spring checkup of your plumbing. If you have a plumbing service contract with Summers & Zim’s call us to get it scheduled now. If you don’t, here are some tips for things to look for.

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Are You Prepared for a Plumbing Emergency?

When an appliance failure causes a toilet, washing machine, or dishwasher to overflow, are you ready for a plumbing emergency? It’s important to get the water flow stopped immediately then clean any water on the floor before it causes major damage. Here are a few tips.

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Summers & Zim's Service Membership Customers save time and money while getting greater convenience. Become a Service Membership Customer and get:

  • Pre-scheduled, proactive maintenance at your convenience
  • A 25% discount on any service during your membership
  • Top of the list scheduling for heating, cooling and plumbing service

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